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The absolute winner of the all the questions we are getting daily would be this one:

Do I really need Enterosgel®?

The answer will be “NO”, if :

You are 100% healthy person and never been admitted to hospital or treated with antibiotics and/or anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone or any other drugs which could affect your gut.

You only consume pure (spring) mineral water which has been tested and is sold in glass bottles or alternatively you got great filtering system at home of which you are absolutely sure it doesn’t allow any impurities in.

You always buy and consume fresh and organic food and drinks and do not consume alcohol and/or smoke.

You never had any allergies and/or food or other sensitivities, I.e. you are not gluten- or lactose or something else intolerant.

You live in eco environment free of pollutants and only use household cleaning and washing detergents including personal hygiene items which are free of phosphates, phthalates, parabens etc.

You never eat anything which may be polluted with heavy metals or pesticides like tuna or kale, for example – please refer to our article which has more on that subject.

You and your loved ones never had a tummy bug, gut issues like IBS, diarrhoea of some sort or food poisoning.

You never eat out or travel to countries or areas with hot and humid climate.

So, if your answers were mostly “NO”, you probably won’t need Enterosgel®, but the rest of us haven’t been so lucky, unfortunately.

Is Enterosgel® worth it?

Enterosgel® is worth it if you are looking for a treatment which has been backed by science and proven safe by people who care about gut health.

Enterosgel® is worth it if you are tired of multiple medications which are loaded with side effects but aren’t really working for you.  

Enterosgel® is worth it if you are looking for a treatment which is drug-free and doesn’t load your system with more chemicals but instead helps your system get rid of them.

Enterosgel® is worth it if you are gluten or lactose intolerant, been diagnosed with diabetes, coeliac disease and/or you are on a strict vegan diet.

Enterosgel® is worth it if you are looking for a certified medical product which has been trialled and tested for over 30 years in over 40 countries and proven effective for many gut issues like IBS-D, leaky gut, heavy metal poisoning, detoxification after chemotherapy and more.

Enterosgel® has very low affinity for minerals and vitamins, meaning it doesn’t affect the nutritional balance of the body and mostly binds the toxins and bacterial waste which are the triggers of most gut issues.

So, all in all – it is up to you to decide and you always can send us more questions if you need help to do so.

Is Enterosgel® safe?

Yes. Enterosgel® is proven 100% safe for all ages, confessions, pregnant of breastfeeding women, allergic or intolerant individuals and vegan-friendly.

Enterosgel® doesn’t contain any WADA banned substances, so it is absolutely safe for athletes.

Enterosgel® is mineral based, it is 100% drug-free and natural.

Enterosgel® is 100 % additives-free, so no sugar, sweeteners, animal products, artificial colourants or substances which may affect your mobility or concentration.

Who can not take Enterosgel®?

Chronically constipated individuals or persons with severe intestinal atony, meaning defecation is impossible without medical assistance.

Can I give Enterosgel® to my child?

Yes, absolutely! Enterosgel® can be given to babies when they started solids, normally it’s usually close to their first birthday.

Children doses are smaller than adults – please read the leaflet carefully – and can be mixed with water and juice if your child doesn’t like the taste of the gel.

Has Enterosgel® got a taste or smell?

No. Enterosgel® has no smell or taste, but some people don’t like the chalky texture and prefer to mix it with water instead of taking it by spoon.


Has Enterosgel® got side effects?

Only side effects of Enterosgel® are occasional constipation and/or nausea which are very rare.

Enterosgel® binds the toxins and evacuate them from your body in a 12 hour period, so after diarrhea followed by treatment with Enterosgel® you may have the next bowel movement after a day or so.  

Can I take Enterosgel® if I don’t have diarrhea?

Yes, absolutely. Many people with gut issues don’t have diarrhea but with IBS or ulcer, for example, it’s the pain, cramps and general discomfort such as flatulence or heartburn which cause a lot of discomfort and don’t allow you to live your life to the full.

Enterosgel® helps adsorb extra bile acids which removes the pain almost instantly thus promoting the healing of stomach lining and preventing those bile acids from re-absorbing into your system.

Many people use Enterosgel® for detox on weekly or monthly basis, like sushi eaters, for example. The reason for this is the high heavy metal levels in certain types of fish, like tuna or mackerel.

Many people noted huge improvement stating that their mind is clearer, they finally got rid of that “brain fog”, headaches, weakness and tiredness, aching joints and muscles, they feel lighter and got rid of some cravings including sugar, cigarettes or alcohol.

If you got allergy of some kind or sensitivity to certain medications or products, Enterosgel® helps by removing toxic load from your gut thus assisting in recovery of organs such as kidneys and liver helping them to function properly.

Can I lose weight with Enterosgel®?

We noted that some people did lose weight and their stomach got flatter but of course, it is not a guarantee as it will also depend on your diet and daily habits.

When do I need Enterosgel®?

You need Enterosgel® if you’ve been diagnosed with IBS or leaky gut, Cronh’s disease, ulcer or have sensitivities to certain substances.

We say “you’ve been diagnosed” because a lot of people do not know what type of gut issue they have and never been for any tests, so the general suggestion would be to visit your doctor first and make sure you got no underlying issues, such as cancer.

The treatment for above conditions should last 21 day normally, and after that you can take Enterosgel® as needed – some people still do it weekly, some monthly and some claim they got better and rarely need it. All cases are unique and require patience.

You need Enterosgel® if you got traveller’s diarrhoea – many people get it in countries where street food is a common thing and hygiene is a bit different than what your digestive system is used to. Same for food poisoning and/or gastric flu (tummy bug) – Enterosgel® sorts out diarrhoea by removing toxins which triggered it in the first place.

Just make sure to visit your doctor if symptoms persist and/or accompanied by fever or some other signs which can signal a serious disease.

You need Enterosgel® if you’ve got intoxicated with medicine, alcohol or any drug – we normally recommend to have it on hand when visiting night clubs or participating in youth festivals.

You need Enterosgel® if you recently been admitted to hospital and/or had a surgery.

Dialysis and chemotherapy affect the body in many ways – Enterosgel® helps to detox and restore the gut balance.

Enterosgel 225g

How long can I use Enterosgel®?

Standard treatment lasts 21 days for serious conditions such as IBS, but you can take Enterosgel® as needed because it is impossible to overdose.

How Enterosgel® is different from diarrhoea medications?

First of all, Enterosgel® is drug and additives free, which we can’t say about other available medications.

Secondly, Enterosgel® acts differently by binding and removing toxins instead of simply stopping the bowel movements.

Slowing or stopping bowel movements may result in toxin reabsorption and you really don’t want that to happen.

Prolonged use of Enterosgel® doesn’t affect your gut negatively, the contrary – it helps heal the stomach lining and reduce the signs of anxiety and depression, which are often triggered by gut conditions.

A lot of drugs on the market are limited to certain age groups or aren’t suitable for vegans and sometimes are not safe to use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or by children, elderly and individuals with compromised immune system.

We also can point out that some of the side effects of those medications are pretty scary.

Enterosgel® can be used by absolutely everyone.

Do I need a prescription to use Enterosgel®?

No, because Enterosgel® is drug-free you don’t need a prescription.

We tried to answer all the questions we’ve been asked till now, but in case you or your loved ones still got more, please ask! We are always happy to help.

Best of health to your gut, Enterosgel® South Africa

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