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Amazing product and a must have for everyone’s first aid kit. I use Enterosgel for my father who was diagnosed with diabetes and cancer and for my husband who is gluten-intolerant – it helps them both with digestive issues and I don’t have to worry about side effects.

Lisa CL

I’ve been taking lots of meds for my IBS for years, until I found Enterosgel. Oh, my word, what a difference! I can’t believe that I am diarrhea and pain-free at last! I completed the recommended 21-day course and now only take when needed. Such a big change! I even look better! Thank you!

Lisa M.

“Thank you Enterosgel!
This product is amazing, I had dark black marks on my face, thanks to Enterosgel which worked like magic  got rid of these marks ….I felt normal again.
Excellent product!”

Natasha H.

“Thanks so much for Enterosgel – it really has worked for me.

Scared to say I am cured, but so far, so good.

It is definitely the only thing which has touched sides in all that time, so again – huge thank you!”


I had an allergic reaction to the prescribed antibiotics and to say that I felt terrible would be an understatement.

Skin rash, nausea, headache, dizziness, strange taste in the mouth – I’ve had it all. After taking a dose of Enterosgel I felt a bit better in an hour, so I took some more. Reading the leaflet, I’ve noticed that it’s impossible to overdose as Enterosgel is completely natural, so I actually took the double dose that day.

Next day I was absolutely fine – skin rash was gone and I felt normal again but I still take a spoon every now and then just to make sure I keep toxins at bay.

Kathy H.

I first “met” Enterosgel during my travel when I was down with a stomach bug. I just ate something on the market and oh, my world, by the evening I was so sick I seriously thought about going to hospital.

While lying in bed in my room when the whole group has gone to explore the city, I saw Enterosgel advert on TV and asked our tour guide to get it for me which she did. I couldn’t believe it – it worked like a charm!

My nausea subsided in a few hours (what a relief!), stomach pain has gone – I’ve even checked a couple of museums!

Lynn H.

I was diagnosed with IBS recently. Having pain every now and then for so many years become a reality so taking Enterosgel for first few times was a life-changing experience – I finally was pain-free, not bloated and my stomach felt flatter!

With IBS you have to carefully watch what you eat but I can allow myself little “spoils” sometimes just taking a spoon of Enterosgel afterwards.

Gavin N.

My wife is sensitive to gluten and I am diabetic, so we always double-check our grocery list and menus in restaurants.

Enterosgel literally changed our lives! Because Enterosgel is additives-free we can take anytime if we are eating out or visiting someone, never felt better!

Pravesh and Reshika S.

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