// We often have conversations with our clients about Enterosgel® abilities in binding heavy metals and people always go : ”Yes, but where can you find heavy metals nowadays?”

You’ll be surprised to know that heavy metals are everywhere. They’re in your make-up, your hair stuff, the air you breathe, and the food you eat.

// Heavy metals are incredibly toxic, and even your body is naturally able to eliminate them, over time they can build up and make you sick. Here is some info about heavy metals in your food and what you can do about it to don’t let them get to you.

// As Dave Asprey of https://blog.daveasprey.com/heavy-metal-detox/ says : “Heavy metals can occur naturally and as a direct result of human activity. Some of the most common and damaging heavy metals include arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. You wouldn’t willingly eat metal for lunch, but some foods, like brown rice and leafy green vegetables, are higher in heavy metals than others. These food crops absorb heavy metals from the water, air, and soil as they grow.

// “Everyone has some level of heavy metal in their body and they really are part of the underlying root cause of diseases,” says Wendy Myers, a functional diagnostic nutritionist. Some people are more sensitive than others, which means they have no problem eating mercury-packed tuna rolls all day. According to Myers, if you’re dealing with fatigue, recurrent headaches, autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, or adrenal fatigue, these problems are caused in part by heavy metals.

// How does a little bit of lead cause so much damage? Heavy metals hurt your performance and make you feel sick. They mess with thyroid and adrenal function, interfere with insulin sensitivity, and suppress your immune system. They also inhibit mitochondrial function which are the powerhouses of the cell.

// Heavy metals impair their energy production, accelerate mitochondrial death, and increase membrane permeability, which allows all the junk to pass through the cells’ protective barrier and create havoc in your system.

Why is it a problem?

// This is a big problem because your mitochondria drive all your tissue functions. When they aren’t working at maximum capacity, you get mitochondrial dysfunction — one of the main characteristics of aging and disease. Unless you want to deal with aging-related problems like fatigue, excess fat, and brain fog, you’ll want to keep your mitochondria happy. “

// Some people immediately notice it when they eat food which may contain high heavy metal levels such as sushi, tuna and mackerel, brown rice and in some people it takes long time for the problem to manifest itself, so they suffer in silence but the good news is : you don’t have to!

Is there any hope?

// Of course there is! We do understand that it is absolutely impossible to control every single day your diet, where your food, water and milk come from, or remove that sashimi off your weekend bucket list – Enterosgel® will sort you out in no time and what is good about it – you are not wasting any of nutritional value of the food you consumed as Enterosgel® only removes toxins leaving all micronutrients, vitamins and minerals untouched.

Safe and effective, guarding your health, Enterosgel®.

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