Global Handwashing Day is observed annually on 15th October to increase awareness why washing hands is so important for preventing diseases and reduce mortality rates as number of gastrointestinal diseases may be spread from person to person because of dirty hands.

As temperature rises and we spend more times outdoors having snacks on the beach or braai in the back yard it is very important to remember to wash your hands while handling food or feeding babies. Sadly, diarrhea remains a leading cause of death in young children, especially in developing countries.

When you actually should wash your hands?

  • After using toilet or changing diapers
  • After caring for sick individuals
  • Before preparing or eating food and after handling raw meat and poultry
  • After feeding or petting animals
  • After handling your phone or typing on the laptop – lots of germs are living on our devices!
  • After visiting hospital

Even with available alternatives nowadays the best way to clean your hands is with traditional soap and water but of course using wipes or sanitizer would be better than using nothing at all!

If after taking all the precautions diarrhoea keeps you grounded, just remember Enterosgel® – it will sort you out in no time! *

We wish you a great summer season ahead – full of joy and quality time with the people you love!

*If symptoms persist or/and are accompanied by fever and/or vomiting, headache etc, consult with your doctor immediately!

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