• A. An intestinal adsorbent is a substance which adsorbs gases, toxins, and pathogens in the stomach and intestines. It acts like a “smart sponge” that attracts harmful substances to its surface. By adsorbing these, it relieves the symptoms that come with many gastrointestinal conditions such as IBS, leaky gut, diarrhoea etc.

  • A. ENTEROSGEL is recommended for the management and alleviation of stomach and intestinal illness symptoms and is an ideal support to standard rehydration therapy protocol. Do not use the Device as an alternative to the standard treatment. If symptoms persist seek further medical testing and advice.

  • A. Due to innovative scientific methods porous silica molecule of Enterosgel® only adsorbs certain size molecules and prevent re-absorption of particles through the bowel wall, making enterosorption the preferred way to stop diarrhoea and alleviate intolerances symptoms. 100% of each dose of Enterosgel® (along with the bound particles) is fully excreted with the stool within 12 hours.

  • A. Enterosgel is taken orally with a glass of water or you can mix it with water or juice to make it easier for you or your children to take it.

  • A. Enterosgel has no smell, taste or colour making it virtually impossible to detect if taken with other liquids.

  • A. Yes, Enterosgel is vegan-friendly as it doesn’t contain any animal products.

  • A. Although Enterosgel is classified as a medical device you don’t need a prescription but seek doctor’s advice before taking it to determine the cause of your condition.

  • A. Due to Enterosgel being an intestinal adsorbent it may adsorb the medications you are taking so you are advised to take Enterosgel before or after other medications with an interval of one-two hours.

  • A. No serious ones had been registered to date, but constipation and nausea may occur.

  • A. Yes, you can. Enterosgel doesn’t contain any ingredients which may contribute to existing conditions.

  • A. Yes, Enterosgel is available in 40 other countries and been tested and trialled for over 20 years, now it is available in South Africa.

  • Do not use if package is not sealed.
  • Do not freeze
  • Use before expiry date listed on the package.

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