Rochelle Friedman July 14, 2020

Can you think of two things that all of us have got in common? Personally, if you ask me I’d tell you that as human beings, the two things we all have in common, is that we all want to look and feel good. However, both of these factors are interdependent on each other, meaning that one cannot occur without the presence of the other.

Our well-being relies upon the proper functioning of every organ in our body. So when one of these functions jump out of sync, it can become clearly noticeable in the physical aspects of our body.

The gut-skin axis is not a recent discovery – centuries ago, Hippocrates has said that “all disease begins in the gut”.

Many doctors and scientists have proven this ancient fact by registering the growing number of people with skin issues that happened to improve as soon as their gut conditions had been acknowledged and treated.

The skin and gut both perform somewhat similar jobs. In their healthy state, both the skin and the gut are covered in hundreds of different bacteria species, with the function of being responsible for protecting our bodies from harmful pathogens, while simultaneously also have the ability to act as natural detoxifiers for our bodies.

Skin microbiomes are responsible for the radiant, dewy look that all of us are trying to achieve, but as we now know, even the best skincare alone would not be enough without the gut flora being at the correct balance, which is required in order for our bodies to be able to perform its functions at full potential.

Our skin, being the biggest organ, can also be considered as a major detoxifier. Therefore, when the gut flora is compromised it may result in skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis and so on.

Recent studies have even shown a link between rosacea and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth).

Flare-ups of conditions such as eczema and psoriasis largely depend on our gut inhabitants. Hundreds of people spend so much money on jumping from one topical treatment to another not getting the satisfactory results that they had hoped for. That is until they address the state of their gut. Once the gut has been mindfully treated, it is guaranteed that results will start to show externally.

Enterosgel® gently and effectively cleanses the gut and promotes healthy flora by adsorbing and removing bacterial toxins and pathogens, and healing the intestinal lining which in return assists in adequate adsorption of vitamins and nutrients and their metabolism.

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